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Gayle Bright

The detail is superb; the proportion precise; the lines graceful and elegant.

Gayle Bright is known around the world for her intricately detailed and lifelike wildlife sculpture in many mediums including exquisite fine jewelry in precious metals and gems; sculpture in precious metals and bronze; stained and fused glass; collectors plates in Incolay Stone; and unique cabinet hardware and decorative tiles in pewter.

In 2011 she began writing fiction. Her novels include �The Canyon House� � a ghost story set in a secluded canyon; �Finding Molly� � a suspenseful story of a woman evading a police detective who is stalking her on the island of Maui and across the Southwest: and her latest work, �Return to the Sea� - a tale of the future set on the island of Maui, in orbit above the Earth, and on a distant planet in an alien solar system � not yet published.

Gayle�s sculptural work is currently only available on this web site. Her novels are also available on Amazon.

Alan Thorpe

Alan Thorpe is a self-taught artist. His desire for freedom of expression prompted him to turn from traditional academic training. His work has been influenced to some degree by his admiration for the styles of ancient Egyptian art and such artists as Henry Moore, Jacques Lipchitz, Alexander Archipenko and Picasso.

Some themes recognizable in even his most abstract works in wood and bronze are the female figure, mother and child, dancers and floral designs inspired by the paintings of Georgia O�Keefe. He offers a series of domestic cats, African animals, and stylized human figures in bronze.

Recently Alan has been creating one-of-a-kind abstract 3 dimensional wall hangings with inlaid wood, acrylic paint and lacquers over sculpted high-density polyurethane.

Galleries that are currently representing the work of Alan Thorpe:

Ramey Fine Arts
Palm Desert, California
Lee Youngman Galleries
Calistoga, California
Kryptronic Internet Software Solutions